It’s Time to Move Australia’s Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

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Jerusalem is the seat of the President of the State of Israel, the Knesset, the Government and the Supreme Court
Jerusalem lies at the heart of the Jewish and Christian faiths, and has stood at the centre of the Jewish people’s national and spiritual life for over 3000 years
The State of Israel stands alone in the Middle East in upholding basic democratic rights, including protecting the rights of minorities
By signing you will be asking the Australian Government to reaffirm Israel as a sovereign nation with the right to designate its own capital

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As at 20 October 2017 we have received 4387 paper signatures. If you have already signed the printed petition please DO NOT sign this petition. It is important that the final petition has an accurate number of signatures.

Also, this petition may only be signed by those holding Australian citizenship. There is no lower age limit applying to those wishing to sign.

869 signatures so far.

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About the Petition

A petition here in Australia has been carefully drawn up that acknowledges Australia’s enduring warm and close relationship with Israel, and now requests our Federal Parliament to build on that by taking immediate steps to relocate the Australian embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Relocating our embassy to Jerusalem will be an unmistakable expression of our belief that Jerusalem is Israel’s eternal and undivided capital, and a truly united Jerusalem will further enhance Israel’s reputation in the region as a protector of the rights of minorities.

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