Keith Buxton and his wife Trixie outside the Knesset in Israel

Keith Buxton and his wife Trixie standing outside the Knesset in Israel

Dear friends

Most of you will be aware of initiatives that are taking place in a number of nations around the world to move their respective embassies to Jerusalem.

A petition here in Australia has been carefully drawn up that acknowledges Australia’s enduring warm and close relationship with Israel, and now requests our Federal Parliament to build on that by taking immediate steps to relocate the Australian embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Relocating our embassy to Jerusalem will be an unmistakable expression of our belief that Jerusalem is Israel’s eternal and undivided capital, and a truly united Jerusalem will further enhance Israel’s reputation in the region as a protector of the rights of minorities.

We are grateful for the very major contribution made by Judy Russell in drafting the petition. We are now asking you to sign the petition and for you to invite all those in your network of family, friends, church and where appropriate the wider community to sign as well.

Please note the following:

There is no lower age limit in the relevant standing orders applying to those wishing to sign the petition.

Please sign this petition by 18 November 2017 at the very latest. The petition with all signatures will be forwarded to a supportive Australian senator for presentation in our Federal Parliament.

We are an Australian non-political, non-denominational, non-partisan, pro-Israel collective voice. Our aim – with your help – is to be in a position to submit this petition to the Senate with as many signatures as possible with a view to its presentation in Parliament at an appropriate time before the end of this historic and momentous year.

Our desire is to garner and solicit bipartisan support from all sides of politics. You and your colleagues are also encouraged to write individually to your local Senator and local Member of the Federal House of Representatives in support of the petition, and urged to uphold this entire initiative in prayer. Truly we believe the Lord is in this. May we know afresh His favour as we bless Israel in this way!


Keith Buxton

Keith Buxton
Principal Petitioner – on behalf of Australian pro-Israel Christian leaders